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horse drawn cultivator - 259 items found

Horse Drawn Dunham Culti-Packer Cultivator Packer John Deere Plow Syracuse NY
Brochures & Catalogs
End time: 09-Oct-15 18:43:52 PDT

Antique Primitive JOHN DEERE Horse Drawn Cultivator
Other John Deere Collectibles
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 03-Nov-15 05:18:26 PDT

Antique John Deere,?, Horse Drawn Cultivator,Tool Bar,Fantastic Original,2 Wheel
Antique & Vintage Implements
End time: 06-Oct-15 14:10:23 PDT

Canadian Homestead Life ~ Horse Drawn Cultivator ~ 1913
End time: 08-Oct-15 00:29:31 PDT

Horse Drawn Spike Tooth Cultivator Harrow Plow Late 1800 Farm Implement
End time: 07-Oct-15 19:02:22 PDT

Horse drawn walk behind antique cultivator lawn ornament
Farm Implement Parts
End time: 30-Oct-15 18:56:12 PDT

Antique Horse Drawn Cultivator/Plow , PICK UP ONLY, PICK UP ONLY
End time: 07-Oct-15 18:05:05 PDT

Other Agricultural Ads
End time: 26-Oct-15 16:20:44 PDT

Vintage MCCORMICK-DEERING Horse Drawn Riding Cultivator Cast Iron Wheels - pair
Antique & Vintage Equip Parts
Best Offer Enabled
End time: 25-Oct-15 08:20:07 PDT

Late 1800's Horse Drawn 2-Shovel Cultivator
End time: 23-Oct-15 13:21:19 PDT

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Stondon Hall Catalogue
single furrow plough whipple tree 177 Horse drawn sugar beet lifter 178 Large horse drawn cultivator whipple tree 179 Horse drawn furrow hoe 180 4no Maldon Ironworks harrow

TerAvest Auctions Inc
households John Deere lawn tractors cultivator much more get map 5/11/06 5/13/06 Helen and household goods wood extension ladder horse drawn cutter 4 auger etc Real Estate farm

April 29 2006
wheels power lift Graham Holmes 20-ft HD cultivator c/w tine harrows International 32-ft vibra Deere 2 bottom plow McCormick horse mower Horse drawn side delivery rake Wardrobe 3íx6 Forge

YT Classifieds All
19:09:07 Ad Number 1017 Contact JC Located Not given MO USA Sale Horse drawn 2 row riding cultivator Price 250 Phone 712-542-0266 Posted 2006-04-20 19:04:24 Ad Number 1016

Temme Seed Pioneer Seed Representative Farm Equipment Antiques Page
plows JD IH Allis 200 steel wheels 3 horse-drawn corn disc 12 steel wheel rakes 10-14 pickups parts Cushman scooter parts Joker cultivator 150 steel implement seats not cast REAL

Put Your Money Your Mower
wheel hoe patterned old-time horse-drawn cultivator some places pony wether goat even large dog single-tree harnessed frame and trained ease work load

Business amp Industrial Agriculture Implements Auction everyone
00 18 CULTIVATOR HORSE DRAWN WOODEN WHEEL FARM TOOL 1880s N 76.75 5 1930's ground driven Manure spreader parts/rebuild N 80.00 Antique Horse Drawn Cultivator/potato hiller/trencher N

Growing Vegetables Home Garden Part Two
large farm garden long rows most work can done horse-drawn cultivator garden tractor small garden rows short asparagus planted beds

Hilton Auction Realty Inc located southeastern North Carolina
Planes all sizes Old Rail Setter Horse Drag Draw Knives Grubbing Hoe Cultivator Old Hand Saws Crimpers Horse Drawn Dirt Plow Old Cross Cut Saws Universal 8 Bread Maker Old Tobacco Scale Old

Family Stories
They had three covered wagons drawn oxen They got acquainted silly wouldnít blame horse if he got scared wind and shaped harrow cultivator double shovel one

New Page 4
team horses could pull single row cultivator Some corn plows even had seat machines chugging steam engines replaced horse-drawn threshers Even livestock changed

bobsled antique lightning rods glass globes antique hand tools coal bucket horse drawn dump shovel cultivator meat grinder copper kettle hand long handled garden tools carpentry saws

Agriculture Forestry Antique Tractors Equipment
50 Printer's Ink Stamp-Farm Disk Machine-Case Horse Drawn 9.99 JOHN DEERE 70D 720D 730D NOS 325.00 pulley,4 bolt 49.00 John Deere B G 200 Cultivator Spread Arches 17.50 COCKSHUTT 540 TRACTOR

Colonial Occupations
BUTTON BURNISHER one polished buttons Return Top Page CABBIE driver small horse drawn passenger vehicle CAD person employed feed and water horses coach stops CADDY BUTCHER

Memories Good Old Days
Before horse drawn cultivator invented weeds were cut down hoe several times through growing season corn had ripened cut hand tool called corn

connectix quickcam vc
john deere front mounted cultivator row crop cultivators jap 600 cultivator engine cultivator shanks horse drawn cultivator ignition dwell saitek x45 x45 joystick toeplitz superfast mbta commuter

Tractor Parts Manuals
Additions Antique Farm Tractor Manuals Some Horse Drawn Prentice 610 Log Loader Parts Logging Allis Farmall 460 Tractor White 1032 Loader 230 374 Cultivator Manuals Jacobsen Super Chief Garden Tractor

Growing Crops Cannery
peas should harvested early years horse-drawn hay mower cut peas heavy vines were Limas were cultivated regular beet cultivator and weeded hand using long handled

Farm Facts and Inventions
patented 1849 mixed chemical fertilizers available 1854 self-regulating windmill 1856 horse-drawn cultivator patented 1865 gang plows began use 1868 steam tractors tested 1869 spring-tooth

Farm Implements Farmall Deere Ford loaders scrape blade mowers snap coupler
image larger pictures 1041 2 row cultivator fit old Farmall tractors Regulars and F WD and WD45 Standard size Belt Pulley 1181 Horse drawn steel beam walking plow 1262 New stock

Diecast Cars Toy Vehicles Other Vehicles
1967 9550 britains glencoe-white fold-up cultivator like new Radio Flyer Mini Sled NIB Vintage Diecast Lightn'g McQueen Vintage Arcade Horse Drawn Hay Rake forces valor m16a1 mulitle gun

Small Farm Success Project
rained hay spent mushroom soil and horse bedding Municipalities often deliver leaves fall can stockpiled future use Bob Muth spreads up 20 tons leaves per acre

000 LBS 5789.00 ANTIQUE Leather tack Horse-Drawn Wagon VERY OLD 0.99 Massey Harris/Ferguson mower 25.00 6 CUB FARMALL IHC TRACTOR CULTIVATOR SHANK HOLDERS 19.99 Case Headlight 25.00

Business amp Industrial Agriculture Tractors Vintage McCormick Cheap
Mowers N 7.00 1 Pitman McCormick 9 Horse Drawn Mowers N 7.00 507 MECHANICAL MOVEMENTS WOW N 19.99 VINTAGE McCORMICK DEERING CULTIVATOR NICE SHAPE 400.00 5.00 1 MCCORMICK

Manufactured Horse Barns

Farming Business Help and Ideas
99 John Deere Horse Drawn Cultivator Sweeps Shovels JD 9.95 Over 800 SNOWPLOW Snow Plow Snow Blade MANUALS 2 CDs 14.99 John Deere 350 Sickle Mower 517.77 Assorted Fertile Hatching Silkie Eggs 6

Antique Cast Iron Horse Drawn Lion Cage Toy
CAST IRON,RARE FIND Antique Cast Iron Horse Drawn Farm Cultivator RARE Action Figures Africa Asia Australia Baby Toys Beanbag Plush Beanie Babies Br Comm Other Building Toys Bullion

Lecture First Conference North America
because cultivator thereís no such thing coincidence and no accidental occurrence allowed disrupt course your cultivation Everything happens you test

Jewel Antique Antiques and History Kick Back Plow
He invented and patented first and only horse mule drawn steerable hillside cultivator They had no interest horse-drawn steerable hillside cultivator There one working model

Rural Bygones Catalogue
Heater 391 Hawkins Supreme Swivel Torch 392 Horse Drawn Ridger Marker Gauge 393 Horse Drawn Cultivator 394 Pair Horse Drawn Saddle Harrows 395 Avon Tyres Enamel Advertising Sign Orange

Malin Winter Wheat Golden Belt Kansas Chapter 10 Study Ada
seventies were horse-drawn and period marked twelve acres but 1877 horse machinery one man alone could special comment new cultivator he remarked now all

Advertising Collections Agriculture
2-105 TRACTOR BROCHURE 9.99 Antique Oliver Horse Drawn Plow Chattanooga Wrench 49.00 SPRING 1975 MAGAZINE 9.99 COCKSHUTT 249 WING CULTIVATOR BROCHURE 12.99 194os CARTER'S Savannah GA

Limoneira Tours
100 years later Limoneira continues cultivator lemons oranges well avocados farm life turn century Horse-drawn farming equipment lodging farm workers

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